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Nov 4, 2013 4:00am PST
wine will sell for around $14 per bottle. liane feldstein of fc stone joins us now. good morning to you. > > good morning. > > so we have a jobs number coming out at the end of the week. how you think the market will perform a head of that? > > well the market might kind of slow down a little bit. we don't have a lot of economic data coming out this week as opposed to last week when we were still making up from reports from when the government shutdown, but this economic report is a week late and so this throws a lot of things out of balance and we can also see the number be a little bit off because of the government shut down-- were these workers counted in but did any of them actually apply for unemployment so i think the market will be unsure of what to expect and how to react and might take it pretty easy. > > as far as economic data what else do you think people should be watching-- especially average investors? > > well it's very interesting right now. last week's data pointed to a slowing down of the economy and this week since we don't have a lot of data one of the most importan
Nov 7, 2013 2:00am PST
hud. the city uses that money to pay hud and that hasn't been happening and the city is owed about $1.4 million. in addition we all know that the main tenant, yoesh san francisco is in an agreement proceeding. i know a memo was provided to the commission that gave a lot more information about this. so given all of that, it's likely it's very likely that the city is going to foreclose on its city interest. from that scenario, the disposition plan would be for either the success or agency to work with the city but the success or agency to work together or transfer it's interest to the city and have the city sell them so it can reconfer -- recover as much as possible the $5.5 million construction loan. anything other would be considered program plan because it was purchased with the program renewal funds. if nothing happens and the ground lease reman's in place, they have rights for the ground lease inform that case we are proposing that we still transfer the property to the city, have the city take over as the landlord for governmental purpose for the same reason because they are bec
Nov 16, 2013 9:29am EST
clues seem to point to her to make a confess the police will use the oldest trick in the book the good cop bad cop routine i remember the one explicitly well. and he was tall approximately six two to six for dark complected overbearing he wore in jeans a lot polo shirts and had a very cocky attitude. the other one is kind of blurry my memory of him is blurry i think he played the good cop bad was the bad cop. introducing sergeant almost seven feet tall in his socks years of experience and not the kind of cop that's easily fooled he makes new bones about his tough questioning methods it's his whole mark. there is a certain amount of. acting we're being. we're doing interviews and especially when you're in that realm as far as a good cop bad cop. so for the most part one is consoling caring you know almost. even putting off the other detective to the suspect saying you know he's he's a very mean guy he's a bad guy or whatever the case is trying to get closer with the suspect so hopefully this is suspect confides and quote unquote good cop. to phonies tof him for three days how const
Nov 9, 2013 8:29pm EST
happened to me this place lives at its own pace you feel as though you're doing something useful. young what does worry of a lot of us i've been divorced for quite a while and lived alone for more than nine years. have a sixteen year old daughter who is in the tenth grade and an elderly mother there back in perth and cindy said the class another was that my daughter may be jealous but only of the youngest kid six year old korea. or the she's a very tenacious child you know if you don't let me go no i won't get the three out of this lists quite a difficult child very opinionated and sometimes my daughter says now i know i hate children if i reply to you before but it will pass in time there's no reason for you to love kids at the age of sixteen. until now dahlia is kind of helps me with my homework and cooking and teaches me to be healthy and brave. the tell me a ball the kid at first i took four children in january two more joined our family . i came back from vacation to discover that i had six children not four and it's six children that i need to look after you. hello sweetheart how
Nov 9, 2013 7:00am PST
economic growth the headline scalpel spent entertaining us by molly home first it could be the strongest typhoon ever to hit land. the nanny on the battered central philippines killing at least the one hundred people. this in the city of tackled on the houses there are reduced to rubble an airport novel than a surge of floodwater and high end brand. the death toll now at this is expected to rise sharply as search and rescue efforts going on with us moving the storm and now barrels sports and vietnam for the latest on the second crust to do another who is in the capital of the men though on that team best efforts focusing now on the city of type a bomb it's the latest emergency operations there right now we're trying to reach toward the basic support services within the ap that try to restore power and communication lines within a couple but in the nearby island all the problems will lead to a nearby province of samarra now the priority to its work routine right now is that he had given a from nobody know about that. if you haven't received a call to meet the spiritual world of
Nov 8, 2013 8:00pm PST
art easel as long was on the streets of chicago brings us the story. it's known as the windy city be on the skyscrapers of downtown glance. chicago is known for something pounds. ryan. some of these streets are described as war zones where violence is part of the media line. she joked. though it is all about girls and one the fbi estimates there were five hundred murders here in chicago in two thousand to twelve alone more than any other city in the united states. that figure has given chicago the reputation as being america's murder capital. most of the deaths are results of gun violence around here. it's no secret if you want a gun. you can get one. by the uniform again you know i'd love love this tree down and get it. you don't know for sure that the city of chicago was trying to change that by imposing a mandatory minimum law for gun offences under the law. anyone caught with illegally possessing a gun would get a minimum three year sentence. it would have to serve eighty five percent of that. no exceptions. maya lin record for an arms old lady. the grainy gone. dalits of anot
Nov 11, 2013 8:30am PST
sales on forever going into the design was under five billion us dollars by the end it doesn't help that it will reach fifteen billion dollars. all the nit championship no one ever revealed it expected to rise to twenty between us dollars to the sound of the underground. should i do think that everything that comes not have gotten more dependent on its return. matt and i then used the com lucky draw for finding good and tried to get attention online. on november eleven dollars single day. most i e commerce business that what you were riding through what can be to attract consumers a chinese to find what i typed one dot com want to look into all my neck of the attention of a lot of people. it could do to participate in the draw to win a trip to vietnam to look for beauty and the bride at a cheap right. yesterday more than twenty thousand people signed up for the contest when the participants arrived in vietnam in the tub with numerous blind in the hopes of finding of the enemies right. generally they need to pay over three hundred dollars for interpretation he is active referral to t
Nov 4, 2013 12:00pm EST
appealed to the u.k. prime minister an open letter saying national security shouldn't be used to justify wrongdoing human rights organizations here. government's response to revelations the daily thing their actions i raiding fundamental human rights in the culture. and to run this biggest anti american rally in years thousands demonstrate against president rouhani out reach to washington we found out why radiance is so without bridge. even just past nine pm now here in moscow kevin i when you're watching out the trial of egypt's ousted president mohamed morsi has been adjourned until next january he's been charged with inciting the killing of protesters last december hundreds of the former leader supporters have been running outside the courthouse in cairo amid a heavy police presence that is paul asli i was there for us. the proceedings adjourned to show time because they will start again on january the eighth which to me is bell to tell you inside the court what actually happened there well as we've heard it has been adjourned until the eighth of january in about three months
Nov 2, 2013 12:00am EDT
with, and her plea, what she talked about was she's been at this since 2008, like many of us, and she's been kind of taken aback by the lack of an international strategy that the united states seems to be pursuing, and i think it's intriguing to hear what you have to say, what you guys think as a group. you raised the i.t. issue, sort of like the quiet negotiations that jim's been involved with, but what do you, as a group see, as the best mods -- model for an international set of standards, norms for convention heading towards as part of the information sharing. if you're a fortune 25, you're acting all over the world under a range of information sharing issues, not just the united states. curious to see what the brain power on the panel thinks. i hope you look at the cyber playbook because many issues raise r raised here are discussed in the there. >> i'm positive about this. remember that keith alexander is an army general, and when he wakes up, he recites the army creed, and the key line is i will never accept defeat; right? i'll never quit; right? he says that it's true that
Nov 1, 2013 4:00pm EDT
forces .n afghanistan cars.ty now is full of we could not drive across. they would not let us drive across. it simply was too dangerous. it is still a dangerous place, by the way. i don't want to sound pollyanna here. i don't want to underestimate the difficulties. my main point is that things have changed significantly for the better in afghanistan and the american people sadly don't know it. american itself, part of the the university itself. it started with 53 student 300idate is now at 1000 and of them are women. they have a broad number of courses. new just recently opened a campus in a center for economic women development established ith the department of defense would love to make that off the record that i can't. i'm sure some of my colleagues are wondering why we are using department of defense dollars to open up a women's economic element school. why is that not usaid binstead of d.o.d? it adds to the security of the country but the answer is, basically, the dod does a number of things including the expenditures which help the development of that country which is so essen
Nov 21, 2013 6:00am PST
tell cnn the plane will attempt to take off later today. >> rene marsh tells us how the plane got into this predicament in the first place. >> reporter: a giant cargo plane stranded in wichita, kansas, this morning, after making a big mistake, landing at the wrong airport, ten miles away from where it was supposed to. >> giant 4241 heavy, do you know which airport you're at? >> well, we think we have a pretty good pulse. >> giant 4241 heavy, roger, you -- it appears you are at jabarra. >> say again? >> giant 4241 heavy, we saw the plane on the radar and it appears you are at jabarra airport. >> say again the name of it again? >> jabara. >> reporter: the jet was supposed to land at the mcconnell air force base late last night but somehow ended up at the jabara airport, making matters worse, jabara has no control tower and a runway that's only half the length of mcconnell's. >> mcconnell's is nine miles southeast. >> yes, sir, we just landed at the other airport. >> reporter: and it doesn't end there. a tug that was on its way to help move the dreamlifter broke down, according to wi
Nov 22, 2013 7:00am PST
me now? why the rules are about to be changed when it comes to using your cell phone mid-air. the government about to lift the ban on cell phones above 10,000 feet. what it all means for your next flight. >>> hijacked on the highway. dramatic, new video just released of this terrifying ordeal on a school bus, held hostage by a mad man. the incredible chase all caught on tape. how police rescued the children with the help of a hero bus driver. >>> and waking up today a free man. michael skakel granted bail. out from behind bars for the first time after 11 years after a court overturns his conviction. his cousin, robert f. kennedy jr., joins us live this morning, only on "good morning america." >>> and we do say good morning, america, on this friday morning. and it is so appropriate to see rfk jr. here with us in times square, on this 50th anniversary of the assassination of his uncle, president john f. kennedy. there, as you see the eternal flame at arlington national cemetery. and the white house flies the flag at half-mast this morning, as well. >> the images and sounds from that
Nov 27, 2013 7:00pm EST
give us an overview of what the cleveland clinic is. >> it is a large group practice. weare 3200 physicians and have facilities in cleveland, ohio. eighte a main campus and community hospitals. vegas, facilities in las toronto, fort lauderdale. , it is the largest hospital in the uae. we are building the cleveland clinic in abu dhabi. that is a big project. >> you have been ceo since 2004. >> i did 22,000 procedures, mostly cardiac surgery. i started out doing a lot of bypass operations and >> why did you leave cardiology surgery and go to the administrative side? >> you have to use your hands and stand there all day long. i have seen a lot of surgeons come to the end of their careers and not stop when their athletic abilities deteriorated. i wanted to stop before that happened. toid not think i was ready hang it up completely. i did not know exactly what i was going to do. i had looked at some opportunities. i thought maybe i would go to the cleveland clinic. , the ceo announced his retirement and asked me to throw my hat into the ring. thing to could do one improve the situatio
Nov 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
us it happened in this high rise student housing on the san jose state campus. eight freshmen shared a four bedroom unit. the investigation brought to the university's attention by the parents of the victim found the n word had been written on a dry erase board in the room. the students had forced a bike lock around the student's neck and lost a key. a picture of adolf hitler was displayed in the apartment and the confederate flag was displayed as well. >> people are really mad that someone would hang that up and show it around. it's offensive. >> another student says tonight's black student's union meeting was intense and a rally is planned for tomorrow to demand answers. >> they're offended by the events that took place on our campus. it's close to home and we weren't aware of it at all. no organization on campus let us know these issues were here. all new students are required to take sensitivity training during orientation. three investigations are going on. criminal, which has reportedly led to charges, a student's conduct investigation, which at worst could lead to the s
Nov 19, 2013 9:59pm EST
it's very important to leverage the strengths of each of us. the state regulators and the federal agencies. at the local level, as a state regulator, i know, for example, that there's a large cambodian e population. i know of loel, i know there's a large brazilia population in framingham.gham. i send examiners out every day to conduct examinations to do transaction testing, money going abroad. so we have the boots on the ground and a local understandint that these companies. then we pair that with the national perspective and knowledge of federal agencies who also interact on an international by leveraging these strengths, i think we do a much better job ah detecting and preventing this de illegal activity. >> i appreciate bothnt those answers. do you have a sense about the importance of this activity being certained in the united states?es? what is it -- what benefits does our economy and environment gain by encouraging or at least not. discouraging the bitcoin from being centered here? >>. >> i think what we gain is our continued replation as being ths
Nov 22, 2013 4:30am PST
welcome treat again gentle coming to you from dw stadium is to brussels expected to be with us and here is some of the countries will be taking a closer look at today from its direct path revolutionaries pretend. xp and the red on the so called legacy. and presents the confidence of it is under the lights. it was like to start in the face of stress all along to a recent poll says that he's the least popular french president in almost sixty years the economy is in recess and one in ten friends and have a child and rating agencies and brussels regular in the rap paris is not cool. government tax plans and raise the hackles of this form of support is in brittany. these are revolutionary wrecked her car. she is already a nice honey. two weeks with his fondness for meat fish factory have been protesting it's my pleasure. off to use the service they suddenly faced a bleak prospect of redundancy. a seaport city twelve was a disaster for this week in the center of prickly. we've already lost a lot of food factories and because this one too the whole area will collapse the people that want
Nov 1, 2013 8:30am PDT
thirty minute walk to beach and couldn't talk to customers nearly four hundred un for sixty five us dollars i know that their kid course i cleaned the condition of the whole body. the most expensive one. the price can even reach his hundred us dollars. the bread baking daily revealed including the medicine and neighbors the total cost the club to the extent of treatment is just plain un or under two us dollars. the teapot and the recent call to cause a lot of back and taken to her complain. this form of exploitation can be justified by the very common belief in china that the student actually work. next up from china business news top of the school district in beijing downtown to the new high. recently ms nationwide primary school ranking when i put the price of homes near school. according to china business news the rankings published by washington d c based nonprofit think tank called the china research group. according to the wind among the top five hundred primary schools in china debating tactic for your mental primary school brings out the back from china the court located in
Nov 28, 2013 12:35pm EST
bless america] >> happy thanksgiving day and thanks for joining us. next, president obama pardons to turkeys at the white house. then part of the national menorah lighting ceremony celebrating hanukkah which began last night. from novemberage 25, 1963 of the state funeral for president john f. kennedy. the c-spanternoon, series on first ladies continues with a look at the life of jacqueline kennedy. pardoned twoama national thanksgiving turkey's yesterday at the white house. there is a look. >> ah - good afternoon everybody and happy thanksgiving. ,he office of the presidency the most powerful position in the world, brings with it many awesome and solemn responsibilities. this is not one of them. [laughter] the white house turkey pardon is a great tradition and i know malia loves it as does sasha. generally speaking, thanksgiving is a bad day to be a turkey. especially in a house with two dogs. i salute our two guests of honor, carmel and popcorn for their bravery. they came all the way from outside badger, minnesota to be with us. they, like my chief of staff, are vikings fans. i'm
Nov 8, 2013 1:35am PST
[laughter] craig: so during the commercial break just after because mark us is from sweden and then we talked a little bit about norway from aha is from and then they were playing "take on me" the song for the studio audience who were very excited about it. [laughter] and the warm-up comedian. did you hear him? what did he say? geoff: take on me? take on you! [laughter] craig: yeah. just so you know it doesn't stop being lame when we go to the commercial break. [laughter] like the lame continues all the way through. like if we were on one of the premium cable outlets, we could lame the whole hour. just in case anybody is looking. [laughter] geoff: take on you! craig: oh, geoff, oh! oh! geoff: oh! craig: good night, everybody. captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, vietnam is next. >>> this is about as dangerous of a storm that you could get. the super typhoon slamming the philippines and vietnam is next. paul is tracking the storm. >> it's as wide as the distance from san francisco to lake tahoe. that's basically what storm was earlier t
Nov 28, 2013 7:00am PST
room is overstated what's your pick him up if he thought it was it due to the us although local authorities about their needs emily and that is what facilities and where are they going to build in the next ten years twenty thousand hectares were together throughout the country when we started to check those lands. the turnout than on the fifteen thousand actors are government property and no exemption is required in the remaining thirteen thousand actors were private land to put us up she said did we just need to work or rather the story is we have all the necessary legislative frameworks this concerns not only tossed the bottle much use well that sport should be resumed in completed a stupor i will ration of boston are our friends all forecast in indicators one hundred and fifty six thousand people live in the capital city today one in seventy five thousand on the waiting list them in pots. the proposal and produced a total siege of lanes takes place around boston and the border areas of the region's development of land around austin and goes on randomly all these cars social t
Nov 6, 2013 2:05am PST
. people always look like they're having more fun when their mouth is open. >> look at us. bambino, he sits with me through every one. >> i didn't know what it was going to be like being on your podcast. i wasn't familiar with what it was. i have to tell you, it was so much fun because you -- we covered everything. it's full of humor, full of depth. louise is hysterical. >> she is so funny. >> time goes like that. >> i know. i'm loving it. i am loving it so much. and my show is called -- o-n-e kathie lee and company. >> jimmy kimmel had something of a halloween tradition and what he's done the last couple years is, he's asked parents to say to their children this statement, i eight your halloween candy >> all of it. >> and then record their reaction. okay. that's just cruel, but let's take a look and see what people sent in. >> i'm so sorry. >> i hate you! >> well, that's not very kind! >> that's not very kind. >> hey, guys, guess what? >> what. >> we're just kidding. all the candy is in the laundry room. >> for two hours walking around the whole entire neighborhood getting ca
Nov 21, 2013 7:00pm PST
televangelist. be healed, republican party, be healed. that does it for us tonight now time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> tonight, we have more video of the new mexico state police reckless shooting at a mother and her five children in their minivan. eight more minutes of that video that has not yet been seen. and today, here in washington, it was a historic day in the united states senate. for the future of democracy. >> on track to go nuclear. >> nuclear. >> in the senate. >> so-called nuclear option. >> using a 51 vote majority. >> change the rules of the senate. >> stopping filibusters of presidential nominee. >> utterly absurd. >> republicans are concerned. >> frustration has been concerned. >> congress is broken. >> the democrats are just at their wits end. >> i believe the american people are right. >> the democrats are fed up. >> sound like harry reid is trying to change the subject. >> obstruction. >> obstruction in congress. >> so much obstruction in the senate. >> this gridlock has not served the cause of justice. >> that story line is patently
Nov 6, 2013 10:30am PST
and i want to thank supervisor scott wiener for joining us and supervisor mar and avalos will join us in a while. i want to thank victor young and the sfgtv covering this. mr. clerk do we have announcements. >> yes. >> be silent. and phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards should be submitted to the clerk. itemed acted upon today will be on the agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay. so we have one relatively longer hearing and we have a number of items before that, so we'll get going with the hearing and the resolution that i sponsors. clerk, call item number one and 1. >> item number 1 hearing to focus on the overall trends in hospital pricing, the rationale from the hospitals for the setting of these prices, how hospital prices are affecting our governmental accounting standards board unfunded healthcare liability, overall healthcare costs, and how the pricing seems to disproportionately affect the uninsured and underinsured. >> item number 1 hearing to focus on the overall trends in hospital pricing, the rationale from the hospitals for the setting of these pric
Nov 1, 2013 6:30am PDT
then be used as possible managed not to do until we can to keep rooting for example. yes this is constantly exploring new places is now offering customized us a nice chilly to sit on. i eschew in fact that i'm licking and sets up a plate that would eventually become a cup race at nine in the comments on quebec is a bit unusual in mosques during a conference and i'll be marking on a project that consist of interviewing opponent in the east to st island. asking price he has no questions about that but the inmates example of a non stop childhood memories things one doesn't generally disgusting facial situation i didn't use what they tell me to create a piece of doing almost the simple click and then gets up. i guess creations of a button that says annals as the mom and faces hundred has designed a policeman. another famous fashion designers taking anything keen and testing these jewelry creations jumper that if in some places pieces by as many designer series get to these days. alyssa i like to create elation of something growing out of the material is very flimsy lace dress up the
Nov 2, 2013 4:30pm PDT
strong and actually passing this legislation and doing the advocacy puts you tell u us at a higher level to protect immigrants. and the relationship we build between government and community will strengthen our police efforts to make us safer. and most of all, i want to thank people like nellie who got entangled as a victim and later spent 8 months facing deportation procedures. no one should have to have fear of calling the police wondering if they're going to get deported. people should be able to come forward as witnesses or victims and this legislation helps that happen. as the mayor said no one here should have any fear again if you're immigrant call the police whether you're a victim or witness. i want to thank the colleagues. i do want to thank supervisor kim for helping to bring forward amendments we worked all agree on to move forward this legislation. everyone are regardless of our citizenship status should have due process and it's a constitutional right and it's the fifth amendment of our constitution and we here in san francisco uphold that and we say that our values s
Nov 24, 2013 9:00pm PST
will be more. it's such a delight to be here in our home and thank you four joining us in city hall. i want to thank the neighborhood services we celebrate all our event in san francisco. i wanted to not spend a lot of time why we're here it's so obvious. the richness of our cult and history needs to be celebrated. i'm happy you're here who we are as the filipinos and the richness of our heritage we want to share throughout san francisco and california every day. this isn't just the most it's one of the many months we celebrate. tights high honor to be up here someone who is special to all of us mayor ed lee was sworn in on january 8th as our ferd mayor of the city and county and inform and the first asian american in the history. with this being the second largest population in the united states and the largest population in the state you mayor ed lee have made us proud. nearly 15 percent of the workforce of nearly 27 thousand employees are of filipino descent. asia a senior filipino elected official i'm proud to work side by side with a person of integrity, value and balance. his com
Al Jazeera
Nov 29, 2013 2:30am EST
league. there is study after academic there is study after academic study that shows that the use of study that shows that the use of native american mass cots native american mass cots actually allows the dominant actually allows the dominant culture to turn a blind eye to culture to turn a blind eye to the very problems on the res the very problems on the res that regina that regina describes. describes. the taking on the taking on the poverty that the poverty that she is describing and then the she is describing and then the last point if i could the last last point if i could the last thing i should say is regina thing i should say is regina said something profoundly said something profoundly offensive. offensive. there are tribal council to there are tribal council to tribal council from the choctaw tribal council from the choctaw to the american indian to the american indian movement, movement, who oppose the name, is who oppose the name, is profoundingly misleading for profoundingly misleading for your audience. your audience. >> but suzanne is saying the >> but suzanne is say
FOX News
Oct 31, 2013 10:00pm PDT
december 31 of this year. >> it's not fair. >> i'm angry. you are killing us. >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> welcome to "hannity" tonight. since it's halloween we asked you the to send your obama care horror stories. there are many of them. ainsley from fox & friends, standing by. >> we are reading some of the tweets tonight. you just heard the president say if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. listen to debbie's tweet. debbie glosser says my in-laws lost their doctor of 18 years because of obama care. doctor said he would be breaking the law if he treated them. they were not able to keep their doctor. the president said if you like your health care plan you can keep your plan. listen to this. was dropped by anthem blue cross in colorado. don't know if i can keep my dock the tor. was planning to add my husband to my policy. can't afford it now because of the high premiums. one can't keep their doctor. one can't keep their health care plan and may not be able to keep their doctor. >> the volume, i have been lookin
Al Jazeera
Nov 13, 2013 9:00am EST
promise, that's what he must have do. >> look forward to having you back. thanks for joining us tonight. >> we turn now to the philippines, and -- i'm sorry, we have a problem with our connection with the philippines. we'll try to get to the philippines in just a moment. right now, we will take a break and coming up, a shocking report raising concerns about ethanol. why this green energy may not be so great for the environment. >> a singer goes missing in russia for three weeks. >> drug related violence in mexico is spreading to areas once thought to be safe. i'll tell you more, coming up. what do you think? join the conversation on twitter and on our facebook and google plus pages. >> we turn now to the typhoon ravaged philippines where more than 10,000 are feared dead and hundreds of thousands have lost their homes. as the situation gets more dire by the day, officials are on the defensive over relief efforts. the military is on the way with food, water and medicine, but general paul kennedy heading up relief efforts for the u.s. says time is running out. >> i need the rest of
Nov 17, 2013 7:00pm EST
and spirit. that kind of thing. she wanted to introduce us all to what we could do to make our own surroundings look better with planting and to clean up our junkyard and to the wonderful, wonderful national parks that we have it that people come from all over the world to see. she was a publicist for some of these inks. she cared about them and her heart. she always been interested and what came to be known as beautification. she carried that on until her death. -- lower center here. -- lower center here. she was probably most valuable as a counselor to my father. that you do not get credit for. she knew that he needed somebody he could talk to, who would tell him the truth, or how they saw it. so biden did not need or want something from him. daddy would say why is it that everybody is always looking for something for me to do. that is true when you are in that job. people are coming to you even your staff with a project that they want to be the person who brings him in the information from such and such. have a bonedid not in that fight. daddy was one she cared about. thatffered
FOX News
Nov 27, 2013 11:00pm PST
would notice? karl rove joins us now. karl, the first thing i thought when i heard about this delay was, hmmm, it's not exactly a friday afternoon dump like you would call it in washington, d.c. but it's pretty darn close. what's the first thing you you thought when you heard about this latest delay? >> well, the first thing i thought of is, look, this is not the worst thing about this particular program. the shop program. they actually had a huge failure in april, in april they announced that they would not -- if you were a small business and you wanted to go buy a shop plan, for small business, you wouldn't be able to pick a variety of plans for your employees and it would be one. it was not going to be until 2015 that the government was going to be able to offer you a consumer choice that is to say a menu you can say to your employees you can take a gold plan, a silver plan and a bronze plan. those are the three plans the government allows. you had to pick one for them. this program was already deeply unattractive to small business. when you are now small business one choice and
Nov 12, 2013 11:35pm PST
one-and-only robin williams is here with us. [ cheers and applause ] and -- we are hosting the first of two nights with the killers. tonight. for practice. tomorrow they nail it. not easy to get the kill tires play on your show on consecutive nights. they fell for the you have to book minimum of two nights requirement, trick. it is rare we ask band to play two nights in a row. snoop dog did it once in the first week. he forgot he played here the first week. he went with. we have something else fun tonight. a month ago cast of "modern family" was here. adults from the show. and we played a round of "modern family" feud. tonight we invite their tv offspring to play the game. the kids, young adults from "modern family" here tonight to play "family feud." a lot of tv families seem to be in the feud lately. yesterday the family from the show "cake boss" went up against "here comes ho s honey boo boo". host steve harvey is not what you describes a honey boo boo expert. >> hey, honey boo boo, name something that parents tell their kids not to pick at? >> toe jam! >> toe jam between your toe
Nov 10, 2013 7:00am PST
that's what makes america so great. we don't forget those that fought for us. >> certainly bob dole has not. on another subject, if you would like to hear how bob dole feels about ted cruz, chris christie, hillary clinton, go to our website. thank you for joining us. >> this is gps, the global public square. welcome to you around the united states and around the world. we have an important show for you today starting with the failure to reach agreement on a nuclear deal with iran. despite the presence top diplomats in geneva this weekend. why were they unable to make a deal? would it be sellable back home in iran, in the united states, in france? and then an assassination. this man, the head of the pakistani taliban, was killed last week by an american drone strike just when the taliban was supposed to sit down to talk peace. was the killing a good negotiating strategy, we'll discuss. and have the most recent rev revelations from edward snowden. should they? we have two experts give us different views. the prime minister says yes and he did it. finally a tv topic. why one nation spe
Nov 15, 2013 11:00am EST
saying, and i've moved away from the republican party because of that. .. i used to work for a company come and large companies of about 20,000 employees. our insurance ran for all of us was around $400 a month. that's the full cost to the company. for the health insurance. now, and what we've got here is a situation that we're trying to fix this and if we want to fix this what we would really do is say, take the health insurance, turn it all into individual policies. in its companies wanted to pay for each employee's insurance, they could pay it is an individual policy. in other words, each individual policy, and there's a model for this. aflac does this all the time. >> host: can you wrap this up very quickly? >> caller: if they wanted to do this -- >> host: we got the point. >> guest: thanks. personal with regard to sincerity i hope you realize that we are very sincere that the affordable care act isn't going to work, it's not good for america to help america gets the message that's what we've been saying since we got elected as majority of house and 2010. with regards to th
Nov 2, 2013 2:00pm EDT
of information available. us toetain me referred the washington state database and that is where we went. so we didn't try to get the underlying police report. the position was that we had dealt with seattle in the past. >> our obligation is to find out the disposition or if there has been charges and it was not as though we decided we would ache an effort here. based upon the fact that come in the past -- and this occurs with other jurisdictions besides seattle, they will refer another database and that is what they did. we did not go in this particular case essay will you depart from your policy? this is, again, something we need to take a close look at and will be as part of the presidents review. isis problematic that there information written on a piece of paper somewhere that we did not have access to. shocking it incredibly that we wouldn't pursue a police report in any of these arrest situations because the nature of the charge, looking at the underlying police report, having been a prosecutor, can tell us very different information and a prosecutor may not have the elements
Nov 21, 2013 10:00pm EST
mistake. but if the last several years have taught us anything, it's that the majority won't stop making these demands. and if we can't give in -- if we can't give in to these constant threats, sooner or later you have to stand up and say, enough is enough. but if there's one thing that will always be true, it's thi this -- majorities are fickle, majorities are fleeting, here today, gone tomorrow. that's a lesson that sadly most of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle haven't learned for the simple reason that they've never really served a single day in the minority. so the majority has chosen to take us down this path. the silver lining is that there will come a day when roles are reversed. when that happens, our side will likely nominate and confirm lower court and supreme court nominees with 51 votes, regardless of whether the democrats actually buy into this fanciful notion that they can demolish the filibuster on lower court nominees and still preserve it for supreme court nominees. i yield the floor. mr. levin: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from m
Nov 18, 2013 8:00pm PST
system and you see a us district court judge hears the case of genesis collection of bone matter that and it's prison program more on that day it's another just ahead. then during the week that the nation's capital activists gathered for a summit on drones summit focused on the global consequences of us drone program to include victims of drone strikes. that's coming up later. the new research shows that every year thousands of americans going to hospitals wind up victims of a medical mistake that cost them their wives. an in depth look at some of those victims later the show. a fan and. it's monday in november eighteen five p m in washington dc on sensex in your watch it hard to read it here in washington dc at the dc district courthouse were just heard oral arguments today in a case to put an end to some of the nsa spying activities. the two issues that had were the nsa is all telephone mehta data collection which we know targets millions of americans as well as in this is collection of americans internet data under the prison program. both those programs for appeal by edwards noted
Nov 11, 2013 2:30am PST
we use, professional. we try to be professional around people that have suffered a loss like this because they don't want us to come -- you don't want to go into somebody's house and be joking and having a good time. it's unprofessional. when you are dealing with somebody who has a loss like this, just think of the word professional. that's what we try to do. this sort of body language here, she's trying to comfort here, do you think she's buying it? not with that body language. she's not really buying it. some people won't. some people will never be the same. like that thing with katrina, some people are really good but you can tell just under the surface that they are a wreck. give them space, try to be professional, try to comfort them if you can, but some people won't let you. and don't take it personal. that's the main thing, just don't take it personal. sometimes people just can't be helped. they are not mad at you, they don't hate you, you are trying to help them. they probably understand that, but they have suffered a terrific loss and some people you can't help. but try.
Nov 15, 2013 8:00pm PST
that they're up to this information is. you know use for long reasons are all tomorrow when people are marching across the world would anyone need listening everybody everybody on the streets that's going to be walking by and see we want mainstream media to listen to let them know that you know where the people are finally come together and we we want to influence them to make a change. but more importantly we just wanna reach the general and let them know a lot of people though so watch mainstream news and up. the though this believe everything that that album then on. so we wanted we want to influence those people to look elsewhere to share what i planned to transfer them and send the bill by this rally into real action thereafter we ate we wanna make this it's nice to be a one time thing. on the momentum of this it we we we hope to see it of. of more more ratings go towards alternative media at them from their will to stop. you will keep up. the other events we have a lot of other events coming up after this which i really wanted to share. will tell people before we go where the
Nov 4, 2013 6:30pm PST
fourth of the top. this sunday near us. dice up until an attack is uncut pushes me to supply. to get seven and given opposition strike in the body. as you should never speak again. often he wanted i'm not thrilled the dts that is likely to debut its ties to the u s funding the drone strike that killed friday by vegan cooking when i'm excellent at what see lawmakers also discussing a motion to block me to supply it time. and a cinema seat is set to meet army chief gen today scanning on monday that that cbc dawn newspaper said tennessee state was also attended the thing at the five ounces. the report said. after many trustee for over two years the nation's leading in some other washington the beginning to the patter of their abundance in our state's meeting with president back about a fortnight ago. mike tyson's changed once again pondering the canning offensive that ended on strike on friday the attack came a day after having seen she said talks are underway with some comment on the scene soon after assuming office the transition aides had won the mandate of the country's political sp
Nov 26, 2013 3:00am PST
write us at -- or walk in and say hello. and of course you can find more information -- >> can we please rise for the pledge, and if you could turn off your electronic equipment because it will interfere with the equipment in the room, thank you. >> mr. president, would i like to call the roll. >> please do. >> president mazzucco? >> present. >> vice president turman? >> here. >> commissioner marshall? >> here. >> commissioner dejesus. is excused. >> commissioner chan? >> present. >> commissioner kingsley. >> she is here. >> present. >> commissioner loftus? >> here. >> president mazzucco we have a quorum and also, with us this evening is director jared hicks from the occ and chief of police. >> and thank you very much inspector monroe and welcome to the wednesday, november 6th, 2013, san francisco police commission meeting and ladies and gentlemen we have a full agenda and most will be in the closed session with the disciplinary matters and review of other issue and so we will spend a lot of time in closed session, but before that we will be in the
Nov 21, 2013 5:00pm EST
joining us. hope you will follow me on twitter. in the meantime have a fantastic time. fast money begins right now. >>> here is tonight's line-up. the dough doing something it has never done before. tech is the shining star low gas prices not helping all retailers. plus, hedge fund giant taking a page out of regis philbin's play book. >> nice. >> yes, it is true and we have got the first response from regis himself. let's get straight to our top story here. the nasdaq has outperformed indexes. on pace for its next yearly gain in four years. >> what did you make of the action? >> if you look at what is going on overall, u.s. based funds took in 53.6 billion in flows. i think retail is not all in but they are definitely grabbing. i like google because to me that is the safest. 20% growth. i really like what's going on there. i invest around the world. the chinese internet stocks are on fire. baidu is giving 45% growth paid to stay in the game and not come in and run out. >> you take a look at intel today. 2.7%. an investor day and the ceo saying they're going to quadruple the number that g
Nov 4, 2013 5:30am EST
college, they teach us how to get a job, but at my live events, i take pride in teaching you how not to be dependent on a job and how to take control of your own destiny. >> before going to than's event, i was living paycheck to paycheck. in fact, on my first deal using than's system, i had nothing in my savings at that point. on that deal, i made over $40,000. fast forward to where i am today -- my net worth has grown astronomically. i am buying and selling multiple properties every month, and the sky's the limit at this point. i absolutely love knowing that i do not have to depend on anyone else for money ever again. >> we have so many successful students just like marina, who just wanted more opportunity and a better life, learned my system, and are now out there making money in real estate, loving what they do. throughout this show, you're gonna see and hear from successful students of mine from a wide variety of different backgrounds, from teachers to truckers, to realtors and contractors, to attorneys, to stay-at-home moms and dads. many of my students started with little t
Nov 29, 2013 5:30am PST
the us the sea. cheadle as a justice break into the compound of the telly on the porches as tension. as in acts no comments. japan's foreign ministry denies any knowledge of the time to expound kinds of defiance down as reported by dependence media. let me know what still confronts its been invited to inspect the bronze about how the words of the summit's be on the recent video the chinese government outlines new matches can be used to judicial independence and pass by. well welcome to cctv new slide from aging and until we stopped in finance anti government protesters have forced their way into the tie on these headquarters in ages. high profile targets in a bid to topple prime minister to mention a lot according to the on the statesman the protest is broken and capital at gates of compound and found push their way inside saying they wanted to soften it. let's head to the army chief elsewhere in the car to find coke. hundreds of protesters have surrounded how close is self deluding policy meanwhile members of the thai opposition democrat policy form of prime minister of the seat wh
Nov 12, 2013 11:00am PST
a rooftop which they believe the shooter may have used to carry the assault rifle used in the attack the shooter knew the victims but hadn't spoken to them in months because of the petty conflicts when the band's manager of the sauce has it down. originally from tehran that the band called the yellow dogs was the subject the b two thousand nine film called no one knows about persian cats was told a semi fictional tale of a band that played illegal rock shows in the iranian capital morthan residen forced thr way into top club on airports and train for and military planes carry a relief operations in the region. many lost their homes entering the basic food and shelter after tycoon j dionne rips through the south east asian nation. hundreds are confirmed dead with the death toll expected to start the rights of the city bore the brunt of the store which leveled homes in building its presence turn to local churches and makes it more as aid workers struggle to provide help to the enormous number of storm victims officials report including the city as authorities were unable to main
Nov 14, 2013 4:00pm EST
erin a breaks down the dollars to make sense of this hearing for us. federal reserve vice chairwoman janet yellen faced the senate banking committee on thursday for her confirmation hearing as the next head of the central bank gearing she committed to promoting a quote strong economic recovery and will ensure that there will be no monetary stimulus removal any time soon also during that hearing senator mike crapo he wasted no time grilling yellen over if and when we see any end to quantitative easing but can it just continue indefinitely i mean if the labor market doesn't improve to the point that you reach your target along can this continue do you agree that there has to be some point which we return to normal monetary policy so i would agree that this program cannot continue forever that there are costs and risks associated with the program now yellen went on to say that the fed takes risks to financial stability very seriously and that the fed recognizes that the longer these programs go on the more prominent there's risk could be and while today's hearing to put yellen on track
Nov 24, 2013 11:30am EST
largely put down to us lawmakers hearing that virtual cars is all a legitimate financial service during a special meeting in congress with the same benefits and risks as our online payment systems another reason behind because as late as gains as it's growing popularity in china now about a third of the world's big corn transactions now flow through the china exchange bt say so are now joined by bobby lee who's the heads of the exchange ok bobby what i want to know is why is the big question so popular inside out because it's been quite popular in china over the past few months due to come in you should know more where miss in china because it is a nation of savers people tend to see for the rainy day and because we want to you know when they see the heart where they are when they see their hard earned income they want to put the money to good use it should be you could buy realistically buy gold buy stocks be put in long term deposits in the bank and you should be quite has come up as i know that yet another way for them to to invest money why is the big so volatile because this week we'
Nov 26, 2013 2:30pm EST
and over and over we saw it used against greece we saw it use it as lehman brothers and bear stearns the same sort of thing the techniques were the same basically there were a number of different thing jacking up rates interest rate suddenly or imposing fines on your customer or suddenly changing the valuation of their assets so this happened to lehman brothers it happened to where suddenly loans were called in so these things pulled out the rug from under those companies and their assets were also seized for pennies on the dollar bear stearns and lehman brothers and the government has made g c h q to spy on people the government isn't in league with the n.s.a. in america get other highly treasonous act to spy on people because they say they want to stop the bad guys and they're the warrants down in portsmouth who had their property stolen use an exploding financial device concocted by r.b.s. in the bowels of their terrorist organization so isn't that duplicitous by the government stacey is that a lot of those warminster fighting terrorists you know their subject their own citizens t
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